We are one of the romanian companies and organisations who had a direct connection with the preparations and deliivering the protocol materials for NATO Summit, at Bucharest, in April 2008. We are proud to contribute at this successful meeting.  

 For details and orders please contact us following the informations from our contact page. Also, you can view and download our offer, in pdf format.
Our company have a vast experience in advertising domain. We are well known as a producer of protocol materials and promotionals objects of different tips. Also, we are known as organiser of divers socio-cultural and artistics events. Our company create and deliver the following tips of protocol objects and services:

                    > banners & light advertisings;                   
                    > signalistics;
                    > flags and protocol materials;
                    > badges;
                    > medals;
                    > trophies;
                    > artistic inscriptions on objects;
                    > modelling and sculpturing in materials.

                    We waiting with interest your requests!

                                                Thank you!
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